#91: Independent Thinking and Freedom with Entrepreneur Josh Whiton

Impact entrepreneur Josh Whiton blends technology and business with active care for the planet. He talks with Lisa today about his endeavors that aim to harmonize society with nature and elevate human consciousness. Josh was named a Champion of Change by the White House for his transit-tech company TransLoc. His latest project is MakeSoil.org, a movement to spread the word and benefits of composting and to make soil on a planet-saving scale. He and Lisa also talk true self acceptance and then applying it to the point where hedonism and altruism intermingle, thinking independently to move past programming, and the realization that we are all just looking for freedom. 


  • From a young age, Josh recognized that money was freedom. This gave him an entrepreneurial drive that had him selling tadpoles to his neighborhood, and that spirit hasn’t stopped since. 
  • Josh is an autodidact, which means he can start and direct his own learning. Once he graduated from high school, he found that the real learning happened for him in the form of life experiences with his own self and others. 
  • Josh was raised in a very religious family, and he spent years navigating his own spirituality and consciousness to come up with a model and framework that worked personally for him. 
  • Shame gets in the way of human consciousness and stops us from presenting our authentic self to the world. Fear also blocks us from experiencing, with the intention to keep us safe from the painful or unknown. 
  • One of the biggest leaps we can make in self growth is to get fully honest with ourselves and all our emotions. 
  • Pain and suffering are usually results of our own misperception. 
  • Once we make an internal decision to evolve and heal, the next opportunity will quite often present itself.
  • The more work you do on yourself, the more you can feel oneness with humanity. 
  • Josh sees the need for jobs that are regenerative to the planet, and ones that help the economy support human consciousness. His company MakeSoil helps capture carbon, reduce food waste and redefines composting. 

Life Lessons: 

  1. It’s not about how long we live, but how fearlessly. 
  2. Knowing our truth sets us free. 
  3. Whatever our experience is right now of ourselves, there are other ways to be. 


“The richness of life that I’ve experienced is such that I feel like I’ve had multiple lives.” 

“Almost nobody has a high degree of self-acceptance in this society.” 

“Pursuing altruism and hedonism is where we go when we are free.” 


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