Episode #0: Show Intro: Lisa Betts-LaCroix

Welcome to the Super Power U Podcast.  Today's Episode is an Introduction to the Show.  I'd like to share the purpose of the show and what you can expect.  

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Lisa: 00:00 Hello, you're listening to the Super Power U Podcast. Today's episode is an introduction to the show.

VO: 00:15 Welcome to the Super Power U Podcast where we revealed the mental models and tactical skills needed to activate your Inner Superhero. And here's your host, Lisa Betts-LaCroix.

Lisa: 00:24 Welcome to the very first, the inaugural episode of the Super Power U podcast. I am so happy to be here and I'm thrilled that you're here with me, so thank you. Thank you to all of you who supported me leading up to the launch and thank you to those of you listening right here, and right now, as we jump into this exciting new creative project. Today, I want to share my vision. I want to let you know what you can expect when you listen in every Thursday.

Lisa: 00:58 I bet you have noticed that in our world right now and at other times too, there is a lot of negativity. There's an inclination we seem to have. I'm not sure whether it's innate or whether it's learned. I'm not sure if it even matters.  It's an inclination towards struggle and conflict. We seem to somehow be hypnotized by it and some people I know even argue in its favor…argue that assuming a negative starting point is beneficial. This sounds like “if there's no pain, there's no gain” and it emphasizes that when teaching and learning that how we talk to ourselves, and to each other, and to our kids best starts with “what's wrong?” instead of beginning with what is right. 

Lisa: 01:50 And I protest. I see a different way. I envision a strength-based beginning for change and improvement and growth of all kinds. So here on the Super Power U Podcast, my vision is to identify and to celebrate, to nurture that way of thinking –to be starting from what's right, what's strong, what works.

Lisa: 02:15 I'll be interviewing people with interesting stories to tell. I'm going to scratch my own itch. I'm going to follow my own curiosity, so my guests will be people I find fascinating…but I think you will too.  And I'll be interviewing them, coming from a place of Appreciative Inquiry, which is a meta-mindset in which we identify first, what's working well. We'll unpack it, analyze it, try to understand why it's working, and then amplify it, do more of it, utilize it and apply it across domains because the premise is that what we focus on expands.  And because I know that we all have Super Powers, yes, and also stories it's my goal that my conversations with my guests serve as a mirror, so you can see your Super Powers reflected back to you. So that you'll get clearer about the strengths that might come so naturally to you may not even recognize them until you hear someone else describing them or perhaps until someone in your own life points them out to you.  But as we get more and more grounded in our collective strengths, I believe we'll uncover new ways to apply them or you may even identify some new Super Power that you see in someone else and decide you want to nurture to serve you in your own life. So while my guests will tell the story, these are universally available mental models we'll be seeking and tactical skills we can all apply.

Lisa: 03:45 One of the greatest gifts in my life are the people in it. I have this incredible community, amazing friends, brilliant, wise, accomplished, generous and giving and I want you to meet them!  So I'll be bringing them on the show. In the coming weeks. I'll be highlighting amazing women, and a lot of them, because I believe that we're at an inflection point in which it's vitally important that we hear women's voices, that we understand and steep ourselves in female perspectives, that we explore and follow feminine leadership models. And that all of that is vitally important to our collective future. 

Lisa: 04:30 But in addition to that, I'll also feature people, men and women who are into biohacking and other unusual practices intended to extend healthy lifespan.

Lisa: 04:40 I'll be featuring young people, including many of the independent learning kids I know who along with their families practice self-directed learning outside the box, in all kinds of interesting ways, so that you'll see models for learning that may not be what you expect.

Lisa: 04:58 I'll be talking with performance and sports psychologists and you can bet I'm going to be talking to dancers since that's the world of my heart and soul.  We'll be exploring productivity, getting things done (GTD), life design, and how to be effective in our lives, as well as all kinds of communication and relationship frameworks which will help us deepen our personal connections in our interpersonal relationships, but also build our professional networks. I'll be interviewing people who challenge our perceptions of age by doing things you might not expect…and other topics that interest me and that interest you.

Lisa: 05:36 If you have ideas for topics you'd like to hear us explore or guests you'd like us to consider inviting onto the show, please reach out to me by email at hey@LisaBL.com. or by putting a comment in the show notes, comments section or or touching base on Facebook. Because this is really a collective process and together we'll be learning and growing.

Lisa: 06:03 The show is intended to be a place of celebration, a kind of a party and a gathering place for inquiry and learning together. It's a workshop for bringing people together, kind of like an audio Dojo, (which is a martial arts reference), a place to work out our mindset muscles and together identify tactics and skills to help us all show up, speak out, make something, start something, and be our best and brightest selves, which I believe we can do better when we're utilizing, celebrating, acknowledging, and deepening our strengths.

Lisa: 06:40 Because no matter your age and no matter your circumstances, regardless of whether you have a job or or you're an entrepreneur or whether you're a parent or a child, a student, the more fully you show up, the more you give permission to other people to do the same and the better our world is for it. So I believe that we're all just one small thought, a tiny step, one action, a word away from making the world a better place and the world needs us now more than ever. So I thank you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for all you do. If you're willing, please subscribe to the show and leave us a review on iTunes.

Lisa: 07:30 Check out our show notes now and going forward at LisaBL.com. Come on back next week we'll have some fun.

VO: 07:43 Thank you for listening to the Super Power U podcast. Please subscribe to the show on iTunes and get more information at LisaBL.com.

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