Episode #24: Facing Death, Leading with Love; with Maya Lockwood

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Maya Lockwood and Lisa talk about the profound and transformational messages on surrender, love, and evolution Maya received during a near-death experience, and how it set her on a path of curiosity and commitment to a future led with love and authenticity. Maya also shares her unique and fun experience of growing up as a child in Bangladesh, her community in the Bay area, and her current work helping scientists become entrepreneurs with IndieBio.


  • Maya lived in Bangladesh for 13 years and attended an American International School where she was influenced by people all over the world and exposed to many different cultures. This unique and fun upbringing influenced her to think creatively and use her culture and community as a resource.
  • Like Lisa, Maya also found her way to the Bay Area. She found there a great community of like-minded intellectual and artistic humans.
  • Having a near-death experience was a profound turning point for Maya and her attitude towards life. She had an illness that led to her in a coma. While in the unconscious state, she received two messages from a loving higher power. First, trust and surrender don’t have to be so difficult. Second, if she is going to return and live, she must evolve.
  • After waking up from her coma, Maya felt as though she had more space in her mind for imagination and learning. She was opened up to a whole new reality and dimension, worried less about the small fears and doubts, and now pointed her energy towards spending time with loved ones and helping others access their own greatness.
  • Maya’s Superpower is using the lessons learned on her own journey to help others find their voice.
  • Working with IndieBio has been a very rewarding and exciting experience for Maya to use her SuperPowers. IndieBio is the world’s most leading startup accelerator for life sciences and helps founders from all over the world learn skills on how to turn an idea successfully into a product, community building, emotional intelligence and leadership skills.
  • Sit in silence and remember that we are all needed.

Mentioned in This Episode:


“We’ve been given this time and these senses to experience and enjoy our time on Earth.”

“Love yourself, step into your own power, and start leading with your heart.”

“Emotional intelligence is a key part of leadership.”

“I’m optimistic about the future. I believe people will have a shift within and step up.”

“Sit in silence and listen. Whatever drives you will tell you what you need to know.”


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