#111: Trailblazing with Entrepreneur Kiersten Atlee

Entrepreneur and host of The Head Honcha podcast, Kiersten Atlee, joins the show this week. Kiersten shares some of the secrets behind her success in the digital world, and why we no longer have to wait for others to give us an opportunity to achieve our goals. Kiersten talks about how pageantry helped her with networking and creating a tribe of powerful women, a few pieces of advice for those looking to make digital marketing their next venture, and why our own personal story is the most important thing when working with brands. 


  • Kiersten has been immersed in technology and was a digital native early in her life. However, technology moves very fast and it is important to stay on top of all the new trends and information in the digital world. 
  • We can all provide value to each other at any age. Cross-generational relationships are a powerful gift offering wisdom and a frame of reference that we can grow from. 
  • Kiersten is part of a generation that realizes they don’t have to rely on being hired for a full-time job to develop and expand their skills. Also, you can be in charge of your own learning and growth, and freelancing can be a way to do that on your own terms. 
  • Kiersten developed The Head Honcha podcast to shine a spotlight on other women who strayed from traditional career routes to blaze their own path. She talks with them about their success, what they wish they knew, and how their story can benefit others. 
  • Competing in pageants gave Kiersten firsthand experience to network with other women, provided a deep sisterhood, and also helped her stay humble while meeting so many other talented and beautiful women. 
  • When done right, social media can be a place for collaboration, connection, and community. 
  • Brands are working more now with micro-influencers because people buy into others that they trust and believe. 
  • Kiersten sticks with the 80/20 rule of posting. When working with brands, 80% is great for personal content related to your life, and the other 20% can be about brands you really do care about and advocate for. 
  • A few of Kiersten’s tips for a successful account: engage with your audience through liking, commenting, reposting, etc. Stay consistent about posting, and be aware of what your identity is and stands for on social media. 


“Relationships are deeper and affect us more when there is reciprocity.” 

“When you are competing in a pageant, you are humbled very quickly.” 

“It is truly about collaboration, connection, and community.” 

“Think of social media not just as followers, but as relationships.” 

“Just have a conversation with me and you will leave believing you can conquer anything.” 


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