#113: Creating Space and Inviting Others In with Entrepreneur Kelly McCausey

Kelly McCausey was a broke single mom working hard and charging too little for her time. She took her skill of graphics and web design and started working smarter rather than harder, to turn it into a six-figure business, surrounded by a loyal and booming online community.

Kelly talks about what led her to have a transformational shift in attitude and the way she showed up in the world, how she discovered the world of online work and ways she helps people build their own online empire.

She and Lisa also talk about building an online catalog, time management, and the top three things that are necessary for putting out amazing content.

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  • Kelly was adopted as a child from within the family, and her adopted parents were alcoholics. This left her feeling isolated and her tenacious personality wanted her to fight back and struggle. 
  • Things changed for Kelly when she was 28 and was inspired by a friend who also had it tough in life but never seemed to complain. Through that friend, she found religion and the powerful community of a church. This provided the foundation for her to experience profound healing and self-acceptance and also greatly changed her relationship with her son for the better. 
  • Kelly became a web designer and through building her own site, she discovered the world of online work. This changed her world and she started following the trail to her own internet radio show, podcast, and eventually blogs. 
  • Kelly shifted from selling time for money to a three-pronged scaleable approach: affiliate marking, product development, and membership communities such as masterminds. 
  • Many people want a quick fix or magic trick to have a job they can do from anywhere online, but Kelly only works with people serious about building a business and providing quality content for the right audience. 
  • Kelly gives examples of offers within her funnels: free, opt-in, and low to high cost. 
  • We can rebrand and repurpose content to make it more relevant to certain platforms. 
  • Three things content creators should know to create meaningful content: 
    1. Make sure you are alert and the content is coming from a good space. 
    2. Gain confidence when creating content. Call a friend, read something positive, learn how to pump yourself up to deliver the best version of you. 
    3. Think about what you desire for the people consuming your content. 

Life Lessons:

  1. If you fight for your limitations you get to keep them. Don’t!
  2. You can’t think your way into self-love. 
  3. People are precious. 


“Content must have meaning and depth, and really deliver value.” 

“We are responsible for the experiences we are creating.” 

“I don’t have one way I do everything, because I love variety.” 

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