Episode #30: Parenting with Possibility with Parent Divia Eden

Divia Eden joins us today for a talk about her interesting and collaborative “high-trust high-stakes” parenting approach, which is steeped in futurist ideas with an ancestral framework. She also talks about the importance of creating a community, her assumptions and broad perspective the power of choice and the vision of sharing ideas, necessities, and space within a community.


  • How playing video games with her neighbor during childhood was Divia’s first foray into being okay with losing and having a growth mindset.
  • There is a quality of resilience that develops when one is okay with losing.
  • Divia grew up in Manhattan and moved to the Bay Area after studying computer science in college. She started working at a startup with some friends and felt as though the Bay Area had the right opportunities and intelligent people she desired to be around.
  • Divia’s partnership and how it encourages both of them to grow and integrate ideas both together and individually.
  • The attraction Divia and her partner have to the idea of foragers and hunter-gatherers and how it relates to the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve.
  • The integration in our current culture of parents of investing more time and energy than ever before in raising children.
  • Divia’s entrepreneurial approach to parenting and her dedication to molding her life and schedule around spending time with her kids in a way that makes sense to her.
  • Divia’s interest in Self-Therapy and Internal Family Systems Therapies and how they result in familial dynamics and conscious parenting.
  • The concept of unschooling as it relates to high trust and high investment, and what different connotations mean within different communities in Divia’s life.
  • The balance of the needs of the individual and the collective when parenting and examples where trust in oneself can be nurtured and developed.

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  • “I’m typically most interested in ideas I don’t know how to express.”
  • “I want to do something high-investment, and I want to do something high-trust.”
  • “When I would go to my job, if I were to ask myself does this really matter what I’m doing, I never got anywhere as clear a yes as when I’m with my kids.”
  • “I’m pretty in touch with being an animal, and animals like having kids and I am one and I like it too.”
  • “I really don’t want to force my ideas or my thoughts on other people.”

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