#42: Listening for the Truth with Astrologist Natha Campanella

Natha Campanella, Intuitive Guide, professional astrologer, and writer, uses her skill to read people as a way to help them also step into their own intuition and authenticity. Natha shares how she first realized she possessed the ability to feel the emotions and thoughts of others, how we can stand in our own power and claim our happiness without depending on others, the deep connection between our emotions and our physical health, the opportunities in life to step up and get more real, and the challenges that come when we show up and step into the world in our biggest way.


[1:50] Natha speaks about her relationship with her mother and her stepmother. She always felt responsible for their feelings and spent most of her time and energy trying to make them happy. She got clear early in her life that she did not want to recreate these patterns, and through intensive therapy, shifted the dynamic drastically for herself and ultimately her relationship with her daughters.

[4:55] A lot of people are very intuitive, and intensely feel the emotions and energy of those around us. When this happens, we tend to try to band-aid the pain of loss, unprocessed grief and other negative emotions, which costs us the freedom of ourselves and brings on physical and mental illnesses.

[7:41] There are so many opportunities in our culture for avoiding, running, and skipping away from the “scary” times. Diving into the emotional pain is not fun, and a lot more work, but Natha reminds us that the reward is worth it long term.

[8:32] Natha shares a few takeaways from her article “Five Skills To Get Good at If You Want to Stop Drinking”.  We tend to reach for something to take away not only our pain but our boredom and frustration. When Natha got sober herself, she had a lot of work to go through but found when she was through on the other end that she was more connected and aligned with her overall purpose.

[15:01] Natha is putting herself out there by opening up more of her personal side publicly, and she uses it as an exercise to sit with the discomfort that accompanies sharing her imperfections.

[17:10] Natha was a metalsmith and jewelry designer for many years, and loved creating art but knew she had to follow her calling in using her intuitive guidance in her astrology.

[19:01] Natha’s favorite readings are ones where she can reflect back and give them wisdom and insight to understand and gain clarity on whatever it is that they are seeking.

[20:40] The planets represent different archetypes and there are many ways to interpret them. Natha finds that the true beauty of astrology is the collection of symbols that you can lay an intuitive conversation about growth and exploration onto.

[24:33] Retrograde is when the planet appears to be going backward in the sky, and any planet that goes into retrograde will essentially ask us to go over old ground and look for ways that we have done something that we want to change up. Mars is in retrograde right now, and it's about looking back at how we have expressed our aggression and anger and thinking about how we could have done it differently where people hear us. Pluto is a path of learning, and the part of us that is our psychological inheritance, and our shadow side (which we all have).

[28:15] Around age 37, most of us go through what is referred to as a Pluto Square. Saturn Return is a 9-month transit that usually happens around 55-60 and it’s all about becoming an authority in your life and doing the work and coming into your own sense of autonomy.

[31:47] Lisa shares some information from her own reading with Natha, and how it relates to her life, instincts, defensive mechanisms and irrational fears. She is opening her mind to new concepts and ideas and needs to pay special attention to the Pallas Athena asteroid.

[36:57] People have reflected back to Natha many times that she provides a safe place for people to be themselves and open up their fears and imperfections. Natha provides support and companionship on the way to the truth.


“You need to really be able to access what you are feeling in any given moment.”

“The more aware of our actual experience at any given moment, the more it can free us from taking on the experience of other people.”

“It’s not easy — I’ve had to sit with a lot of boredom, and a lot of fear.”

“We don’t need examples of perfection; what we need is examples of imperfection.

“I feel like astrology helps put the puzzle pieces for people together in a brand new way.” 

“When we face our fears and get to the other side, we fear them less and they don’t feel their power anymore.

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