#62: Powerful Uplifting Questions with Coach and Champion Weight Lifter Randi Lee

As the holder of 10 World Records and a fitness career spanning over a decade, Randi Lee knows a thing or two about pushing herself to the limits and pursuing her greatest potential. Today, she shares with Lisa her journey into powerlifting, and how it shifted her mindset helping her to understand the being healthy and strong is more important than external body details. Today, she loves using her winning attitude to help other women love and accept their bodies at any size. Randi is a true self-love warrior. You’ll hear practical tips on setting goals and the power of living on purpose.


  • At a young age, Randi felt as though she had to change her exterior to be accepted both by herself and others. She began to try different diets, struggled with her relationship with food, and finally came to the realization she needed to shift more of her focus internally. Taking up powerlifting was a huge turning point where she learned truly about strength and resilience.
  • The new goals and motivation Randi developed through powerlifting showed her that strong is sexy, and replaced the mission she had previously been on to make herself just small or skinny.
  • One of the most surprising things Randi learned from powerlifting was to truly accept her body, no matter what shape it’s currently in. As she got more muscular, she even got bigger. To her, that just meant her body was successfully adapting to the conditioning she was working towards.
  • True self-love begins when we practice feeling gratitude, and begin to observe the thoughts that cycle through our mind on a daily basis.
  • Up to 80% of our thoughts every day are recycled. It is important to become aware of what stories we are telling ourselves and then shift them into narratives that empower us and move us forward.
  • A successful morning routine looks different for everyone. Find your non-negotiables that make a real difference in your day. Some examples would be: stretching, making a healthy meal, going on a walk, journaling, meditating, setting goals, etc.
  • We get clarity on our goals when we connect with them with our why.
  • Ask powerful questions. When we identify what is holding us back, we can finally remove the obstacle and we give ourselves the opportunity to dream up new stories and experiences.


“Instead of changing myself on the outside, I had to really discover who I was on the inside.”

“I had a soft whisper telling me that I was meant for more and I had to help empower others.”

“We have to give love and belonging to ourselves first, so we can show up authentically for others.”

“I believe that our life is determined by the story we tell ourselves.”

“Resilience comes when we ask ourselves the powerful questions to navigate us out of the dark times.”

“So often, the answers are within us. To me, that’s empowering.”


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