#67: Finding the Lightbulb Moment with Men’s Dating Coach Greg Schwartz

Greg Schwartz helps men find the connection and relationships they seek by teaching empathy and making dating fun.  As the founder of Make Online Dating Fun, Greg’s programs are practical solutions for today's online dating woes and today he talks with Lisa about the steps he took to become a coach, his podcast What’s She’s Thinking, The Inner Game of Dating and what he has learned from going on over 400 dates.

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  • As a young man, Greg was self aware and knew he needed to be proactive in learning the skill of body language. He self studied on the subject, and found that the empathy and connection it gave him towards others was well worth it. This is a prime example of super powers also being learned.
  • Speaking the truth helps dissolve misunderstanding and second guessing. The more we are up front about our own experience, the more it helps others feel secure and comfortable.
  • Dating can be way more than just dinner and drinks. Find something you are excited about, and you will see that the date takes on a new life.
  • Greg’s  “Inner Game of Dating” calls for one to be really clear what qualities they are looking for in a person, and then reflect upon the ways that they can call in that quality by how they show up in the world.
  • Greg’s work features private calls for 1 on 1 coaching along with group calls. This shows men and women that they aren’t alone and answers questions they may not even know they had.
  • Greg is most interested in helping men but also takes on a llimited number of female clients. He finds about 70% of all issues are the same, just in different ratios.
  • In his workshops, Greg employs exercises where each sex can understand more from where the oppositite sex is coming from.  
  • Even if it’s not going to lead to a second date, you can still find some ways to enjoy the date. Stay connected, curious and look for common ground.
  • Perfect on paper doesn’t always translate for a connection in real life.
  • Greg’s “What She’s Thinking” podcast allows women to speak their total truth about dating so men can hear the brutally honest answers.


“We can remain open to what is and what’s true, and the possibility of making it a positive experience for both the other person and myself.”

“If you think dating is going to be fun, you are right. If you think it will not be fun, you are right.”

“One of the best signs is it’s really worth it is when you are so excited about someone that you are not trying to meet someone else.”

“That’s what people want to know as guys – what’s the preference you really have.”

“A date is really about two things: a possible romantic partner and a connection.”

Three Life Lessons:

  1. Be clear on what your goal is, and what it is you want.
  2. Review and iterate.
  3. Get enough sleep, and socialize!

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