#69: Being a Warrior for Safe Spaces with Sex Educator Cindy Goldfield

Cindy Goldfield is a multi-passionate artist and businesswoman who has spent her life in pursuit of authentic expression. She shares life lessons from her 25 years of event concept design, production, and management, acting, directing and performance artist coaching. Whether she is drawing anatomy on a whiteboard or on stage connecting fully to a character, Cindy strips it all down to the most authentic truth and encourages others to also live in a state of empowered vulnerability.  She and Lisa talk about gifts the younger generation brings to the table, why she embraces her age and some interesting history behind leg-shaving and 9 am meetings.


  • Cindy’s father was a doctor, so growing up, it was normal to talk about sexual education and anatomy in her house. This laid the groundwork for her being interested in teaching others beyond what the typical sex ed classes offered.
  • Cindy sees many differences in sex education she teaches rather than when she was in school. There is more talk about consent, more acceptance of mixed gender identity, and she looks forward to a day where there is even more of a safe forum.
  • When Cindy worked with her students on a Vagina Monologues performance, she found it opened up a deep and thoughtful conversation on societal norms and expectations around sex.
  • Cindy appreciates the younger generations for challenging us to expand what our norm is on gender and identification. She makes a great effort to use inclusive language and is adapting to make others feel accepted.
  • Cindy has been a professional actor and director for over 15 years and loves mixing performance with her natural ability to lead and encourage others to be their own personal best in a protected and safe space.
  • Post-menopause now in our society seems to be a time where women feel looked over or invalid. Cindy, much like Lisa, embraces constant transformation and the gifts of wisdom that comes with it.
  • On her 55th birthday, Cindy wanted to celebrate where she was in life, and connect through the power that post-menopause brings. She invited a mix of women over to do a Full Moon Circle and found it a really great experience.


“Standing up and talking passionately is not something I’m scared of.”

“I try to make it fun and a safe space for others to be incredibly vulnerable in a loving way.”

“I think I have more to offer now than I ever did.”

“I can put the ‘girl thing’ on for you but it’s not at my core who I am.”

“I’ve always told my age, even though no one around me would.”

Three Life Lessons:

  1. Discover what makes you happy and fuels your creativity; Then do more of it!
  2. Live a life that makes you uniquely happy and worry less about what society prescribes as normal.
  3. Be good to yourself.

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