#71: Being Bold with Wanderer Beth Whitman

Beth Whitman is a contemporary wanderer with nearly 30 years of mostly solo travel. She has made a name for herself as a women’s travel expert and is committed to encouraging women to travel more and expand their beliefs in what they are capable of. She talks about her favorite moments in adventure and the best places she has visited, her mission to give back and support women, and why she is such an advocate for solo travel.

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  • So much of the work Beth does now is giving back to other women to see the world and flourish. She saw opportunities that her mother didn’t have, and wants to create possibility in others.
  • Beth started challenging herself with solo travel and combined her love of riding a motorcycle with travel to show women it is possible to do that type of trip.
  • One of Beth’s favorite things about international travel is the connection it creates between her and the people providing help and guidance.
  • A few of Beth’s favorite countries are Bhutan, Papa New Guinea, and Australia.
  • Travel provides an experience where we are stripped from our everyday life, and it opens us to be so much more in tune with the world around us.
  • Beth did P90X to get in shape for her SnowMan Trek, which led her to train for a marathon. She is always busting limiting beliefs about her capabilities and stretching her own personal limitations.
  • You can be both adventurous and safe at the same time. It is important when traveling to be respectful to the people living in the community, and boldness doesn’t have to mean fearless.


“Being able to travel and get out my home life was the key.”

“When your desire is greater than your fear, that is the switch.”

“I like to challenge myself and the idea of not doing something is crazier to me than actually doing it.”

“The world is a wonderful, amazing place.”

Life Lessons:

  • Never say never.
  • Be aware of the stories you tell yourself and the words you speak.

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