#72: Mastering Money Systems with Fiduciary Financial Advisor Hilary Hendershott

Financial Advisor and Entrepreneur Hilary Hendershott's Super Power is Boldness. She has a passion to amplify women’s financial freedom using inspired action that is pragmatic and goal driven. She talks with Lisa today about her personal experience developing bulletproof financial habits, key insights on how to pick a financial planner, common mistakes women make in finance, and her 7 Steps of Wealth that make up her Money Operating System and which form the base for her 50K Wealth Multiplier Mastermind.

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  • Hilary’s father mentored her into the business.
  • Our Money Operating Systems should be set in place to grow and protect our wealth,
  • Hilary herself was advising six-figure clients on finance but living beyond her own means. She took a hard look at her own financial habits and decided that in order to help others, she had to first help herself.
  • Hilary published a framework, the 7 Steps of Wealth that she uses in her Financial Coaching and Advising. This approach can greatly impact the way we earn and save (or spend) money. The 7 Steps are:
  1. Decide. The same way we decide to eat better or exercise to maintain health, we must decide to achieve financial freedom.
  2. Speak. Paying attention to our language is a powerful tool. We must look at how we talk about money and become conscious if it works for us or is aligned with our financial freedom.
  3. Plan. Take a real look at the overhead of bills and expenses along with future goals and dreams. When you have financial freedom, you get to create for the sake of creating rather than needing to dig out of a hole.
  4. Ask. Make bigger requests of the world. Set aside time to make your life bigger, and go for that side hustle if you need it. Hilary works with her clients on not taking “no’s” personally and building the muscle of asking, and then ask again.
  5. Earn. Take inspired action to bring in assets and focus on increasing more money.
  6. Invest. Hilary suggests working with a fiduciary fee-only financial planner that works in your best interest. They can navigate the technical side of constructing a personalized investment portfolio and help you interact with it in the right ways.
  7. Project. Spend your money wisely and live within your means.
  • Hilary’s 50K Wealth Multiplier experience is an application only coaching program that makes a 50k wealth difference in net worth over 24 months. This is an opportunity to work directly with her in a small group and blend together mindset approaches with practical applications for custom driven success.


Being successful is keeping money, not spending.

Our experience in life is a fundamentally a function of language.

Sometimes when you leave a phase of life your friends don’t come with you.

So many people out there are afraid to hustle [and create] more opportunities.

Anything is possible. If you can earn enough money, you can bulletproof your finances.

Just don’t do stupid stuff with your money.

Don’t make decisions when you are in an emotional state.

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