#102: Building Meaningful Relationships with Fitness Professional Milana Istakhorova

Milana is a fitness professional on a mission to remind us that being healthy is about the connection between our mind, body, and soul, and it can also be something that is fun and inviting. She talks with Lisa about her working helping women to realize their authentic truth, so they can shine it brightly throughout their daily life. Milana utilizes community, movement, nutrition and play into her own life and coaches women into self love using these same pillars. She shares why it’s okay to brag about how awesome we are, how fitness can be less scary, and ways we can create a culture where love and support are at the center. 

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Highlights of Today's Show:

  • Milana came to New York as a child from the USSR and was raised in Brooklyn, New York. Her biculturalism gave her many advantages to being aware of a larger world, but also left her with a scarcity mindset and a feeling of being either “too much” or “not enough”. These were feelings she had to actively work on as an adult, and she finds that healing her own mindset has given her an advantage to working with women on their own experience of being told they are too emotional or overwhelming. 
  • Raw emotion and authenticity can make people uncomfortable. There has historically been a fear of emotionality, although it is now becoming more acceptable in our collective conscious thanks in part to people like Brene Brown. 
  • Milana’s company More Than That Fitness works with women on the total transformation and celebration of their mind, body, and soul. Instead of coming at them with the angle that they are broken and need someone to mend them, Milana reminds them with gentle yet tough love that they are worth every ounce of self love and acceptance. 
  • It’s rare to see people celebrate themselves, but Milana wants to invite it more into the conversation. 
  • When we see our strengths and speak them out into the world, it gives others permission to do the same. 
  • The culture at More Than Fitness is one where women can hold space for each other, yet there is an expectation to stay accountable and on target with goals. 
  • Play can look different for everyone. For some, it’s physical such as a hike or gymnastics, and for others it can be a nice dinner out with friends. Find your version of play, make it a priority, and watch the joy increase in your life. 


Life Lessons: 

  1. Learn how to stay present and calm. 
  2. Prioritize play. 
  3. Surround yourself with people that make you feel good. 


  • “It’s magical to see other women celebrating life and each other, and giving permission to the rest of us.” 
  • “You can still enjoy the fitness process without being told that you are broken.” 
  • “I love learning about people. I love learning about their history and their lives, and celebrating their resilience.” 

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