#51: Finding Magic In the Mundane with Vika Viktoria

Vika Viktoria is on a mission to explore modern manhood and elevate the voices of men of high integrity. Today, she shares her story with Lisa on how she went from the “Beyonce of digital media,” backpacked around the world, and then came back to win the Moth Story Slam. Vika creates space for illuminating conversations with men around the world, and shines a light on the fact that men and women need each other to grow and thrive.

She’s been hacking human connection since she was a toddler, and knows that we need curiosity, support, and love now more than ever in today’s modern world.


  • Vika’s family immigrated from the Soviet Union. She also spent time in Vietnam and backpacking around the world, which solidified her belief that an expanded worldview is important for an open and fulfilling life.
  • Vika’s win of The Moth Story Slam was an unexpected highlight, and a clip from that event made its way onto YouTube, which then led to her next foray of speaking at events and conferences.
  • Both Vika’s love of hacking human connection and work modern manhood serve to give both men and women a platform to thrive and step into their best and highest self.
  • There is magic in talking to and connecting with strangers. It gives us an opportunity to share our story and expands our worldview.
  • If we seek connection and vulnerability, we must create experiences that help us move through shame and guilt.
  • There is a difference between listening and being fully present. When you are deeply engaged and present, curiosity appears and the real magic begins.
  • Practice conversing with others by asking them a question that elicits something specific about their experience. Then, go deeper and reflect something of value in their story so they can see themselves through your filter.
  • There is a reason we have two ears and one mouth — double the listening compared to our talking! Be mindful and really listen instead of double talking or stealing the thunder from someone while you attempt to layer on your own connection to a situation. Vika recommends listening intently for 60 seconds before we jump in with our own experiences.
  • The young men of today have an opportunity to witness their heroes as everyday men that have developed themselves from the inside out.
  • As community builders and nurturers, women have the power to help men. Women have the gift of welcoming men to shift their sense of purpose from the archaic standard to a sense of belonging and self-worth.


“I'm a bridge between the two worlds as a woman doing men’s work.”

“When you do your soul’s highest excitement, the universe rolls out a series of breadcrumbs that keeps guiding you forward.”

“When you talk to strangers, you open your lens up and shift your perspective. Perspective living experiences help you understand your own value and your own gratitude.”

“Where there is curiosity, there is everything.”

“Men and women are biologically different, but cosmically the same.”

“Be a sister figure in a man’s life if you see that he is struggling.”

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