#108: Learning from the Good with Entrepreneur and Author Jane Thurnell-Read

Jane Thurnell-Read is a holistic entrepreneur and author of 10 books on health, happiness, and well-being throughout every stage of life. At age 72, Jane is a role model and guide for living with intention, purpose, and demonstrates that when we stay mentally and physically fit, life can be exciting and joyful. Jane and Lisa talk about the small steps that she has seen make a huge difference, what it means to be proactive and really life as the change you want to see in the world, and why we get more when we give more. 

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  • To see big changes in the gym, you must put effort and determination into your workouts. 
  • You are not too old to go to the gym, and Jane is an example of looking and feeling great even in your 70’s. 
  • Weight loss can be a result that happens when we work out, but confidence, stamina, and energy are a few of the even bigger benefits. Every 19 minutes, an older person in the US dies as a result of falling, so taking care of our bodies is very important even as prevention. 
  • Being curious about our own growth and the lives of others helps us stay mentally engaged and young. 
  • When society tells us we are too old to do something, we listen and stop participating, which makes us feel even older and more isolated. Jane encourages us to observe our limiting beliefs, but not let them stand in the way of trying new things. 
  • Jane started sharing videos of herself at the gym on her Thriving Jane Instagram page, and was flooded with notes from people in their 30’s and 40’s daily thanking her for being their inspiration, and showing them that getting older doesn’t have to be something we dread or fear.  
  • Like Lisa, Jane believes that having cross-generational friends is a great way to learn from and support each other. 
  • Jane follows a vegan and plant-based diet for physical and philosophical reasons. She recommends getting enough beans and nuts for protein, fats, and satiety. 
  • Jane gives 50% of her money away to non-profits and causes she believes in. This is a powerful practice that leads to her happiness, expresses her values through action, and affirms that she can always have an abundance for herself and others. 
  • When Jane made a commitment to learn from the good rather than depending on bad things to happen to learn, she started seeing more positive blessings in her life. 


“If you don’t work, the gym won’t work.” 

“Don’t die with the music still in you.” – Wayne Dyer 

“I’m still really curious about life. I’m curious about other people.” 

“Every month when I’m giving money away I have the thought ‘I don’t have to worry, more will come’.” 

“I try to live for the world I want, not the world we have.” 

Three Life Lessons: 

  1. Choose and decide to learn from the good. 
  2. The more you give away the more you get. 
  3. Say hello more to your fellow human. 

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