Episode #16: Champion Mindset with Elena Grinenko

Today’s show, Champion Mindset with Elena Grinenko is a gold mine for dancers and competitors and performers of all styles.  It’s also for anyone who is in pursuit of Mastery and wants to understand and use the mental models of a Champion.  Elena shares some surprising tips and insights.  You do not want to miss this one.

For references and resources see Episode #16 Show Notes.

What You'll Discover In This Episode
  • The story of Elena’s dance career starting at age 7
  • What happened when she wanted to quit
  • The crazy schedule of a serious teenage competitor
  • How passion and the love of craft overrides the need for bread and beds
  • What to do after great success
  • Setting goals in the next chapter
  • Elena's answers to questions from Pro-Am competitors:
    • How do you handle injury?
    • What are your diet recommendations?
    • What should a competitor do on the day-of?
    • What do you look for when judging?
  • What Elena learned from other Great coaches
  • Why sometimes you need to Do the Wrong Thing
  • Advice for practicing alone and with a partner
  • On Being a Mom!

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