Episode #26: Candidness with Meryl Klemow

Meryl Klemow is a refreshing blend of earnestness, openness, and self-deprecation in the world of podcasting and entertainment. She hopes that she is blazing a path so weird and out there that others feel safe to set fire to their own. Lisa and Meryl talk about her experience in music industry marketing, comedy writing and her current project, the podcast Campfire Sht Show. Meryl shares advice on how to combat what she calls “freelance freakout moments”, how she made the #1 Trending page on Reddit, and how she recharges in order to be fully engaged in her own Super Power.


● Meryl’s focus while at school in Syracuse was a career in a music industry; how the industry changed encouraging her shift to venue publicity
● The chemistry between Meryl and her podcast partner Beau on the Campfire Sht Show.
● The importance of solitude, time spent outdoors, and self-care for maintaining creativity and the ability to recharge.
● how Meryl made the #1 Trending page on Reddit with a cunningly photoshopped whipped cream publicity stunt.

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“I’m all about taking chances and taking a leap. … but one step better is a calculated leap.”
“Age will never be a barrier of what I want to do or care to learn.”
“There is so much stuff about being a woman that is annoying, but funny. And a funny woman is just something that is out of this world.”
“If you try to block sadness, you are also blocking the chance for humor and observation to emerge.”
“I don’t front on stuff. If I’m having a bad hair or anything day, it’s open for people to see.”

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