#75: Bridging Understanding Part 1 with Sexologist and Author Francesca Gentille

Francesca Gentille is a certified clinical sexologist, Quantum shaman, co-author of The Marriage of Sex and Spirit, radio host of Sex: Tantra and Kama Sutra, and host of popular FB live series The Conscious Bachelorette. On today's episode, Part 1 of 2, she speaks with Lisa about her specialty of recovery from trauma, how we can show up in a way that can be a blessing to others while still maintaining our boundaries, and why being loved doesn’t always mean being likable.

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  • Francesca began her healing journey by healing the little girl inside of her who never got to fully express anger and sadness.
  • Through a 12 Step Overeaters Anonymous program, Francesa connected emotional pain between addiction in how she navigated in both love and her relationship with food. The connection and exposure in those programs were quite powerful to her.
  • When looking for a potential sex healer or therapist, be sure to look at their resume and have a conversation regarding their formal training and specialties.
  • We are so innately needing connection and love that so many times we will make it normal to get scraps, overlook abuse and overgive.
  • Pick a safe space with safe people to start to reveal your deepest pain and insecurity.
  • It is a healthy and self-preserving practice to remove yourself from a situation when you feel trapped and powerless.
  • Francesca went on a hunt to distinguish and embody qualities of a truly mature and centered adult while also coaching people in their dating life. She developed the Conscious Bachelorette to help educate others in a way to be authentic and connected with themselves and others while looking for love.


  • “I want to say to all victims of perpetrators – it was not your fault.”
  • “We can’t heal it if we’ve never faced it.”
  • “My boundaries are for me, not against you.”

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