#81: Impeccable Intuition with Women’s Hormone expert Gianna Miceli

Menopause and Women’s Hormone Expert Gianna Miceli joins the podcast this week. Gianna shows us a new perspective for menopause and aging, and shares her own experience that lead to her new book, “Why American Women are So Fat, Sick, Tired & Angry”. She helps women over 40 go through menopause naturally and embrace their health in a way that leaves them feeling fitter and sexier than ever before. She shares the “why” behind her vision and purpose to support women, explains why now is the best time to transform the stigma surrounding menopause, and provides resources to find these simple yet powerful solutions right away.
  • Gianna’s parents were a prime example that it is never too late to start over and reinvent yourself. They went from her father being a cop and her mother a legal secretary to opening a store that needed every amount of effort just to get off the ground.
  • Gianna was always athletic and fit, so her weight gain and struggle with menopausal symptoms took her especially by surprise. She knew in order for her to talk the talk, she needed to walk the walk and really dive into her health.
  • In our culture, there are topics that get avoided because menopause comes with its own stigma and set of limiting beliefs.
  • It’s not about taking a pill or crash diet for fast results, it’s about our daily habits and lifestyle choices.
  • Menopause has a stigma that it requires a medical response, or that there is nothing to do. That couldn’t be further from the truth, as we have much power over our own well being.
  • Gianna works with her clients to “check under their hood” by doing metabolic testing on 5 important elements: resting pulse, blood pressure, temperature, and PH of saliva and urine.
  • Some of the quick steps we can take to better our health right away: say no to soda and high fructose corn syrup. Give up processed foods and be sure to get enough exercise.
  • Gianna’s book, Why American Women are So Fat, Sick, Tired & Angry helps show women that they aren’t at the mercy of their age or the opinion of a doctor.
  • Time is money – don’t feel guilty if you do what it takes to stick to your health, such as getting your groceries delivered. Own it!
Three Life Lessons
  1. Only you can create your life.
  2. Today you are okay.
  3. Health is a non-negotiable.
“I haven’t had a real job in 1999, and I just can’t go back.”
“A common misconception is that chronic illness just comes on suddenly.”
“Small changes can make big changes.”
“It’s the things you do daily that make the difference.”
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