#85: Loving Others By Loving Yourself with Sensuality Coach Lucia Pavone

Lucia Pavone is a rule-breaker, international speaker, and instructor of the art of sensual pleasure. She joins the show to discuss her dedication and passion for helping others along their journey of sexual emancipation and pursuit of pleasure. She believes pleasure is our birthright and shares ways we can begin to incorporate self-love and sensuality right away in our everyday life. Lucia shares resources to her retreats and courses, and explains that we are able to create a new story that opens us up to receive pleasure even despite past trauma.  


  • Lucia’s family is from Sicily, and she comes from a long line of powerful and potent women.
  • It’s difficult to address pleasure if you don’t acknowledge and heal your trauma. Lucia works with her clients to discover the energy that is trauma-informed, and shift it to the energy that is more open to receiving pleasure.
  • One of the first steps is to feel deserving of pleasure, and Lucia helps the women she works with to create a pleasure manifesto.
  • Lucia draws from her experience as a teacher, and background in psychology and fine arts to find multiple ways to communicate with others.
  • Lucia herself found after becoming a mother that her body was not responding to sex and pleasure like it once had used to. She found a mentor who encouraged her to see herself as a pleasure instigator and began to discover the pleasure of her own body and in her everyday life.
  • Sexuality is a large part of pleasure, but there are also many ways to bring sensuality into your experience. Food, touch, and nature are all ways to start experiencing awareness and pleasure.
  • In our culture, there is a very strong binary relationship between pleasure and female sexuality.
  • When we embrace self love and feel comfortable in our own skin, it gives others around us license to do the same.
  • For those of us that are parents, we can encourage communication and healthy boundaries in our children by asking why they want to do something instead of just saying no.


“You can’t talk about pleasure and sensuality without addressing the deep pieces around sexual trauma.”

“It always takes another woman who has done it before you to inspire you.”

“My journey can be an influence for the journey of others, but it won’t be the same as anyone else’s journey.”

“I find people right and I love people. I want the best for them.”

“When women come together as a community, it’s pretty amazing.”

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