#48: Maximizing Human Healthspan with Dr. Molly Maloof

Dr. Molly Maloof is not a normal doctor, and she has never wanted to be one. Since 2012, Molly has worked as an independent advisor and strategy consultant to over 20 technology companies, along with being a highly sought-after speaker, domain expert, and leader in using innovation to radically extend the health span and maximize human potential. She talks today about the way she harnesses her ADHD and structures and organizes her life so she can achieve goals aligned with her mission, the latest in scientific wellness and her vision to reframe health media and reorganize the health care system to create and scale autonomy. 

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  • Molly shares the story of her traumatic birth experience, and how it may have shaped her personality trait of self-reliance, her strong work ethic, and her affinity for hospitals and the medical environment.
  • Molly got diagnosed with ADHD in medical school from a doctor she was working with. This gave her understanding of why she ran on stress hormones, high achievement, and always felt the need to stack her schedule and overextend herself with back-to-back activities.
  • Instead of burning herself out, Molly has learned to create a system where she can both accomplish and achieve, and take care of her body, mind, and spirit. She recommends writing and sticking to your own food and exercise plan, along with listing goals and values on paper as a reference to track in order to make sure your actions are aligned with your overall desires.
  • Molly has found that aligning her time with her principles is key. She saves in-person meetings for only when it’s necessary and high priority, and her phone calls have a pre-established agenda by email. She checks her email twice a day and instead spends time being proactive rather than reactive.
  • Molly’s mission: To radically extend health span and maximize human potential using scientific wellness, technology, educational media, lifestyle medicine, and peak experiences.
  • Direct-to-consumer personal health technologies allow people to access their own health information without the need for a doctor.
  • A large part of lifestyle medicine is looking at your life, and finding things you can change personally to make the biggest impact on your health.
  • At a very young age, Molly had an awakening in which it was clear to her that her purpose was to take the blessings and good fortune she had in her own childhood, and give it back to help others. She set out on the Pre-Med course, and the very same doctor that delivered her ended up becoming one of her best teachers.
  • The more Molly managed her own stress and committed herself to a well-balanced life, the clearer it was that the traditional route of physicianship wasn’t for her. Rather than patching up problems, she wanted to get to the root of the solution.
  • The custom, bespoke medicine option is expensive, but Molly is actively working on more long-term accessible programs.


“I have become less of a fighter and more of an assertive yet aware individual.”

“It has been a lifetime of working on myself to get to where I am today.”

“I don’t live and die by my email. I check it twice a day, and that’s it.”

“We have to create better health media and reframe health in people’s minds.”

“The more autonomy we have over our physical bodies, the more prepared we are to face the choices that affect our health outcomes.”

“I saw the suffering of children throughout the world and I asked myself why was I given this life?”

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