#52: Commitment to Inquiry with Entrepreneur Christine Marie Mason

Lisa wraps up the year with the Christine Marie Mason, who was also the very first guest on the Super Power U Podcast! Christine is an author, speaker, Co-Founder and Director of New Earth Retreat Center, a 15-acre meditation center and farm in Hawaii, and  Founder and CEO of Rosebud Woman. She is wide open and adventurous with a youthful and curious spirit. Today, she talks with Lisa about how the Rosebud Company gives reverence for the woman and helps them blossom into a space of self-love, ways we can integrate the yin/yang energies, and the retreats she offers for healing and self-development.


  • Christine details her near-death experience, and the gift it presented of living our life with intention and love.
  • Christine’s experience with New Earth Retreat Center in Hawaii.
  • The symbolism that Hawaiians have of a volcanic eruption, and the rituals of offering they give the land during a volcano.
  • Christine’s plant-based luxury beauty product line, Rosebud Woman, and how it came about.
  • The ways in which Rosebud celebrates and honors the intimate and sacred parts of femininity.
  • The self-massage that shifted Christine’s attitude to her body and self-love, and how Rosebud Woman creates products perfect for this practice.
  • How Christine combined the love of the feminine with her knowledge of skincare and high-quality products to be a vehicle for increased reverence and dignity of the feminine.
  • Christine’s thoughts on bringing more energetic and Daoist terms to integrate both the feminine and masculine inside all of us.
  • Christine’s true definition of power and the ways she brings it into every venture and interaction along her path.


“Being available to complete love is big.”
“Act out of love, and you’ll find your way.”
“Volcanic land itself is playing with you energetically, and inviting an awakening.”
“If you can be in wonder of what may emerge, you can be more tolerant of when things get screwed up.”
“Know your truth, stay there, and speak it with power and love.”

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