#57: The Gift of ADHD with Entrepreneur Peter Shankman

Peter Shankman believes in customers, companies, and people. As one of the most sought-after speakers on customer and social economies, author of five books, and founder of HARO, Geek Factory, and more he is an all-star in the PR field and beyond. Today, he shares the gifts of his ADHD, and how he came to realize it was a Superpower and not a hindrance.


[3:01] The sentiment of Peter’s approach to ADHD is one of the inspirations for the Super Power U podcast.

[4:07] Become aware of what you are good at, bad at, and what you can do to help.

[4:28] It took Peter quite some time to understand that his ADHD was beneficial and useful, not a sign that he was broken. In schools, youth with ADHD are often in trouble for being disruptive and hyper, but he realized later as an adult it was what set him apart from the norm.

[6:50] Being different gives you the freedom to be authentically yourself, and not waste energy on trying to fit a certain ideal or standard.

[8:12] Peter keeps his body and mind in shape by not drinking too much, getting enough exercise, and practicing mindfulness.

[11:23] Learning the art of delegation is a key to success and saving time and energy. Peter has a great assistant, and she helps him get even more done on a daily and long-term basis.

[14:26] Find a tribe or mastermind to support you and your dreams.

[20:04] Many people stay stuck due to “analysis paralysis.” Peter reminds us to “just do it!”


“Having fun and enjoying yourself is probably the most important thing in the world.”

“ADHD is not a curse, it’s a gift.”

“Find your weakness, wrap yourself in it like an armor and it can’t be used to hurt you.”

“You can be different. Different is good.”

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