#61: Freedom to Emote with The Joy Junkie Amy Smith

Amy E. Smith is The Joy Junkie — a confidence coach and personal empowerment expert. She brings her irreverence, humor, and wisdom to the task of helping others stand up for themselves with grace and kindness. Today, she and Lisa talk about powerful ways to attract what you want, say no to what you don’t, the importance of vulnerability and the real key to long-lasting life changes. She also gives advice for those looking to get into the podcasting field, as her own show The Joy Junkie Podcast has been going strong for over six years.


  • Amy was a make-up artist prior to following her current path and even did makeup on her own father at his funeral.
  • Amy had an upbringing that was dogmatic and conservative and at times even reminded her of a cult. She had a strong intuition and inner free spirit that was waiting to be set free and she really connected with herself when she decided on a path separate from her religion.
  • As a coach, writer, podcaster, and speaker, one of Amy’s favorite messages is that we can attract what we want and stand up for ourselves without being combative. When we have grace and kindness, our message is far more likely to be received.
  • In order to change, people need to feel understood.
  • We are often non-binary in our emotions. It is okay and even normal to feel happy yet fearful, grateful yet restless, etc.
  • It is great to be of service, but there must be a balance between our own desires, and bending to the needs and wants of others. When we take actions aligned with our desires, it shows our subconscious that we do matter and we are enough.
  • Connection is key. Amy found great joy in joining the local theater and recommends a structured activity for those looking to connect with others.
  • Allow yourself to expel your energy and to be vulnerable. Get in touch with what your emotions mean and the story you tell yourself.
  • Our personal growth journey is NEVER done. The journey is the win and anything that pops up is just a lesson.


  • “There is a sacrifice of self that happens when you adopt the responsibility of everyone else’s well being and happiness.”
  • “Becoming badass is speaking your truth with grace and a way you can be proud.”
  • “I’m always allowing myself to share my emotions.”
  • “There is power in vulnerability.”
  • “Keep in mind the element of compassion, no matter where you are.”


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