#92: Putting People At Ease with Podcaster Mary Rogers

Mary Rogers is a mentor, entertainer, and entrepreneur. She mentors both the heart and mind of midlifers, taking them from doubt and fear of the future to empowerment and a feeling of belonging and purpose. Mary believes that entrepreneurship is a lifestyle experience, and talks with Lisa about how her show, The Experience 50 podcast, and creates a mindset of no regrets while discussing things no one else is ready to talk about. Mary also shares why she is so committed to change the stigma of midlife, why curiosity is key, and what she has learned about humanity in over 3,000 interviews with successful and interesting people all around the world.



  •  Mary was born to use her voice. She was the creator and host of the radio show Mary in the Morning, and host of The Experience 50 Podcast. 
  • Growth starts with us observing how we respond to the circumstances around us, how we interact with others, and how we show love and demonstrate curiosity. 
  • Mary recounts a childhood experience that cemented in to her the idea that she would have to dust herself off and nurture herself in tough times. While she has faith in her capabality, it has been a growing practice to ask for help and trust that others can help her. 
  • We have the power to build the self confidence by demonstrating that we believe in them, and by responding with compassion rather than ego. 
  • Mary was truly living in the moment at her 50th birthday party, surrounded by people she loved and who loved her from all different walks of life. 
  • It’s not the quantity of friends you have, it’s the richness of the individual relationships. 
  • The topics on The Experience 50 podcast are always changing, but the recurring topics include empty nest syndrome, divorce, changing careers, and starting over with love and friendships. 
  • Instead of seeing it as an empty nest to fill, Mary invites women to see the new stage of life as a time to reinvent themselves and discover what it is that truly makes them happy and fulfilled. 
  • Midlife is a great time to relaunch yourself, and Mary is on a mission to inspire others to be sure they are living their own life to the highest degree. 


Life Lessons: 

  1. Always have an “emergency exit” place in your mind when you need to calm yourself down or reset. 
  2. Be sure you are living your life, and not someone else's.
  3. Be compassionate with other people and yourself. 



“Around 50, you learn to slow down, shut up and open your eyes for a while.” 

“It costs nothing to build someone else up.” 

“Take a minute to relish the moment.” 

“Nature abhors a vacuum.” – Aristotle 

“People rise to others expectations.” 

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