#68: What’s YOUR Super Power? A SOLO show with Lisa Betts-LaCroix

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Do you want personal help identifying your Super Power?  I have a few spots available in my calendar.  If this calls you BOOK YOUR TIME HERE for a hour coaching call.
Now if you don't need the personal attention, exploration, I nonetheless want to encourage you to, and support you in thinking more deeply about your own Super Power.  So today I'm going to talk about what I mean by Super Power, why knowing yours is so important, how to identify it and use it in your life.
Key Points:
-We are all needed.  Our unique gifts, strengths, skills and yes, our Super Powers are important
-You'll benefit from using your Super Power because Giver's Gain: You'll feel better, you'll be healthier, you'll be more fully engaged and you'll be more successful at every thing you do when you are aware of and using your Super Power.
-What you focus on expands and so if you pay attention to your Super Power it is going to amplify it.
-Language matters.  It really matters.
How to Find YOUR Super Power:
1. Brainstorm:
  • What is easy for you?
  • What has challenging aspects to it but you don't care and you'll happily do it anyway?  What offers such rich rewards that you willing go through the difficulty?
  • What things do you find yourself losing track of time?  When do you suddenly realize hours have gone by and you've had your head down engaged fully? What activities make you forget to eat?
  • What activities did you love as a child?  What haven't you done for years but you really miss?
  • What job did you always dream of doing?  What parts of your current work would you do even if you didn't get paid?  What work would you love to do but don't (yet)?
  • What give you joy? What brings you pleasure?
  • What things do other express amazement about?  What do they tell you impresses them about you?  What do they say they admire and wish they could do?
  • What things do people ask you for help with?  What have you been thanked for?
  • Where do you see things others don't?
  • What do you feel really confident about?  What do you love about yourself?  What is really different about you?
2. Find the Patterns:
Move the post-it notes into groups that seem to share similarities.  Look for themes. Look for underlying values. Look for commonalities.  Look underneath the thing itself to what enables that particular power.
look at your post-its, the collection of things that are easy, that are fun, that you love to do, that you're recognized for and look at the groups that have the greatest concentration of notes.  What are the themes there?  Is a way of expressing the underlying essence of each note in a way that applies to all of them?
If you're still not sure what you're Super Power is, think about what has been reflected to you.
Ask at three different types of people.  You can use my definition or just simplify for them by asking them to reflect what they think you're really good at.
Oh, and ask a mix of people…some who are close to you and know you well, some who are colleages, people you work with, clients, friends.  If you don't see the themes yourself, ask someone else to talk about the notes, share what they mean to you, what they reflect, what you think about them, and ask them to reflect back to you what themes they see.
3. Name it.  There is such power in naming.

4. Once you Find it, use it.  Talk About it.  Then keep on being curious.  Keep on digging.  You can think of a Super Power like a diamond.  Keep on dusting it off, polishing and enhancing the sparkle so they shine brightly.

So the next time you meet someone new, on a date or a job interview, the next time you're having dinner with your kids, or your best friend, ask them about their Super Power.  And reflect back to them.  Try out the language you think describes them at their best.  Ask them if that feels right.  You'll know you're close when they either say “oh that's nothing” OR even better if their eyes light up and they have that glow people get when they feel seen and recognized and acknowledged.  Then when you've hit it Celebrate them for it. Even thank them for the difference their Super Power makes in your life or to the world.  And by honoring them in that way by empowering them so even it might be mildly uncomfortable or seem like a small thing, in a way you are positively impacting the world.  You are having a butterfly effect.
Don't forget, if you feel like you'd benefit from my help do book a coaching call at lisabl.com/coaching or just get into the conversation with friends and loved ones.  I'd love to hear about your Super Power and so once you've identified your I invite you to send me an email or even better simply open up your phone recorder and tell me your name, your business and what you think your Super Power is.  I might just play it on the show so I can highlight listener Super Powers and so that you can inspire others to find theirs.
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“A Super Power as that special strength or that special quality or ability that has been with you your entire life regardless of your stage or your age regardless of the work you are doing at that time that is so natural to you and so normal and so intuitive that it's almost like the air you breathe or the water you swim in and is so effortless to you that you may not even consider it to be especially important or precious because it is so much like second nature to you that you assume everyone else has it too. It's the kind of thing that probably feels effortless to you but to others looks like you're scaling a vertical surface while somehow not slipping.”
“My Super Power is Connecting Ideas and People.”   -LisaBL
“I Language there I become” – Jason Silva
Other References:
Jason Silva says in his video called The World is Made of Word which is 3 minutes and 26 seconds of brilliance about the transformative power of language “I language therefore I become”

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